Love Won't You

People have searched the world for the one thing that is simply a word a way.

I see & hear of many things that go on in peoples life. Yet in my short time of living, one thing I can never get away from is God’s love for us as a people.

Why don’t we accept his love for us. I have known some people that are or at one time were close to me, who are still trapped in a life of pain, suffering, bondage & deception. The crazy thing about it is they don’t realize the bondage they are in.

If only they would wake up! If only we would wake up, if only you would wake up, to the truth of His love for all of us! People, the love of God is more phenomenal than anything this world can offer. I have lived a life of sin, and lived for self, to the satisfaction of my flesh, in the past and in all of those endeavors they left me with nothing worth keeping.

There is a saying that “until the pain of what your going through becomes greater than the pain of change you’ll always remain where you are.”

Friends! I have been accused of all I ever talk about is “God, God, God” yet my heart wants to scream to us! EXPERIENCE HIS LOVE! If you could experience God’s love like I have you would never return to what you went through.

I was a drug using, drug dealing, alcohol drinking, self pleasing, that was all about me! Yet one night I had an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ Himself! Oh thank God for that night! He rocked my world! The drugs were flushed, the new life began! It was a process, it was not over night, but I could never deny the love I had experienced early that morning in my mother’s living room.

Would you dare to be loved like you never have before? To the men who never had the Dad tell them or show them that they are loved. God say’s “I love you”. To the ladies who have been seeking that relationship that only leads to heartache, that relationship that sex can not satisfy. Jesus say’s to you “I love you”.

This love is more pure & holy than you could ever dream, think or imagine! Oh the love that God has bestowed upon us! Won’t you receive it today. God is not mad at you. He knows ALL your past, and He does not care what you have done. Simply come or return to your True Love, to the One who truly loves you and has Your best interest at heart, not his own!

Follow Jesus. He is love! Won’t you let Him love you today? Won’t you?