Will You Glance at Jesus

So as I am in praise & worship some time ago and a song by Brian & Jenn Johnson came on called “You have ravished My heart” and the words in this song are written as Jesus singing to his bride. The song is based on Song of Solomon 4:9,10. The words are as follows…

“I will draw you to me forever in righteousness, in justice and mercy.
No longer your Master, but your Husband I will be. You have ravished My heart with one glance of your eyes. How fair is your love, My promise, My bride?
I will draw you and Me together in loving-kindness, in faithfulness and grace.
No longer your Master, but your Husband I will be. You have ravished My heart with one glance of your eyes. How fair is your love, My promise, My bride?” (x3)

As I hear these words I can picture Jesus singing to His bride (the body of Christ as a whole) and you can get the picture of His love for us and his longing to be with the object of his affection.

I began to think that as much as we long to be in the presence of God, He longs to be with us even more. Think of the words”…You have ravished My heart with one glance of your eyes…” To think of when we look at Jesus we are in essence “stealing his heart”. He longs to be with us, not just in the party scene of hooping & hollering, but in that intimate time of simply being with the Lover of our soul!

Picture the scene… a guy at a party and from across the room he notices the woman of his dreams, the woman who he knows is to be his bride, and even though they are not close enough to speak because of the crowd of people, yet the glance of this woman’s eyes, even from across the room, captures his heart. He knows within himself that he wants to be with her, even if its just to simply be close to her, to be near her. The room may be crowded, yet no one else matters at that moment but that woman who gave him the glance. That one glance of her eyes ravishes his heart.

Well its no different with Jesus & us. We, as Christians, are in scripture related to the bride of Christ. Simply meaning we are the one’s that capture the attention of Jesus. Out of the whole world, with all its business, and schedules. Jesus is saying, even a simple glance from you ravishes His heart!

How He longs to be with you, as much as you want to be in the presence of God, He wants to be in your presence even more! He loves you. That thought can seem to have a hic-up in it, but think about it. God loves you so much He sent Jesus to die for us, then to raise Him from the dead, to have Him be seated next to Him in heaven. All that so Jesus might present the Church to Himself without spot, wrinkle or any such thing, holy, without blemish. Your perfect in the eyes of Jesus!

Oh people, He is so good! Knowing how much He loves you, won’t you look at Him today? Won’t we accept His words of embrace? After all, He longs to be with you more than you could ever long to be with Him. Won’t you draw near to your Love today. Let Jesus romance you with the purest love you ever have known in your entire life! Its where Jesus loves you with the purest form of the God-kind of love, and you recieve that love into your life, and love Him right back. Whether you say “I love you” 100 times in a row, or tell Him how awesome and good He is to you, or simply just being with Him, being near Him, being in His presence and not saying a word!

Our God is good. Jesus Christ is good, and I unashamedly proclaim my love for Him. Yes I love my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. My Maker, He is our Husband, my Husband (spiritually speaking) a House-band. He keeps the house (you & I) together. Its all because of Him. He saved me, He loves me, He loves us all. Won’t you at least glance at Him, and allow Him to be in your presence. You’ve ravished His heart, your beautiful to Him, your lovely, your His master-piece!

Won’t you make some time today, perhaps tonight to simply be with Jesus. Go and let Him sing His song to you. Christians, your His promise, His Bride.