Abundance of Grace

Received a some light/revelation the other day on God’s abundance of grace. My friend owns a spray foam insulation company and yesterday he let me spray foam part of a job. I learned as I went and made mistakes, but got better as I keep using the gun. I sprayed more of the chemical than I should have because I was learning. My friend trusted me to learn & gave me an abundant supply of chemical and tools to work with.

At the end of the job, my friend mentioned to someone how he was suppose to have a 1/2 set left when done, but only had about an 1/8. I think the reason he had less chemical was because I used more then normal, because I was learning how to spray this foam.

Today I believe the Holy Spirit showed me how it’s the same in Christianity. As we are learning to walk this Christian walk, God has an abundant supply of grace (God’s favorable influence on our heart, empowering us to succeed) and as we keep going and learning as we go, we’ll get better and eventually become successful and what He leads us to do! The greater news is God’s grace doesn’t drop down to an 1/8. It’s a full supply and it’s never ending! Glory to God! (I Tim 1:14; Rom 5:17a)