Dear Pastor,

 It is with great joy and honor that I recommend with you today the teaching gift of Zachary Bigley. Zachary recently got engaged to be married, and her pastor is a tremendous pastor and Bible teacher, Bill McNeese. Who for many years was a teacher and instructor at Rhema Bible College under Kenneth E. Hagin.

 Zachary came to me when he was 18 years old into Canaan Land. It was a joy to work with him that year and I could see even at an early age that there was truly a call of God on his life. As soon as Zachary graduated I ask him to go on the foreign mission field for two years. And it wasn’t some cushy job somewhere. He ended up going to the jungles where the mosquitoes could take you off at night. It was covered in foliage, but it was a Canaan Land. He stayed there for two years just like I ask him too. He became a tremendous help to pastor William Peguero and his great wife Ellen.I have known them for close to 25 or 30 years and they are still ministering. They said when Zachary got off the plane “Oh what did Brother Mac do to us?” He looked thin, but they realized after being around him that he had a very powerful and strong heart. He ended up playing the drums for the church and helping the pastor at the church even ministering from time to time.

 Then he went to Rhema Bible College for two years and graduated. After graduating Rhema Bible College he left to go and establish another Canaan Land in another state. He ended up coming back again after he went out there. Things didn’t work out for that particular Canaan Land. He ended up coming back to Alabama. He has been our youth leader at Voice of Victory Church here at Canaan Land and teaches the word of God and ministers. Sometimes when I can not go out, it is without hesitation I will send Zachary to go minister. I have never had a pastor call me and say how disappointed he was. Zachary is fun to be around, he makes learning the Bible fun and he has an outstanding gift working with young people as well.

 He is going to make somebody very happy, either working full time on staff or traveling around the country preaching the word of God. I am asking that you would prayerfully consider having Zachary in your church. You will not be disappointed and it would bring great honor to me. Thank you so much pastor for reading this letter.                                            

                                                                        Resting in Jesus,

                                                                            Mac Gober

P.S. His calling is definitely in the five-fold ministry of teaching